I have a fundraising enquiry

For fundraising enquiries, please call 020 7697 7788 or email info@freedomfromtorture.org

Why do you send out mailings?

We send out mailings both to gain new supporters and to maintain the support we receive from our existing supporters. Freedom from Torture supporters help raise hundreds of thousands of pounds each year, which we use to fund our work with survivors of torture. If you haven’t given to us previously and do not wish to receive our mailings please subscribe to the Mailing Preference Service. If you are already a supporter but don’t want to continue receiving our mailings please call 020 7697 7788.

A fundraiser came to my door

In order to ensure we have the funds we need for our vital work, fundraisers may call at your door offering information about Freedom from Torture’s work and asking whether you can support us with a regular donation. They may call in the late afternoon or evenings, as that’s when the majority of people will be at home.

If you would like to confirm that someone is authorised to fundraise on our behalf in this way, please call 020 7697 7788.