BBC Radio 4 Appeal – Freedom from Torture on the airwaves

Thandie Newton speaking at a charity fundraiser

No one should have to go through the horrors of torture, and everybody deserves to be healed

Thandie Newton

Freedom from Torture's appeal on BBC Radio 4 at 3.27pm, Thursday 4 April.

BBC Radio 4 AppealThe BBC runs many appeals throughout the year and last year raised over £159m, of which £650,000 was raised by the Radio 4 Appeals.

Our appeal was broadcast twice during Easter Sunday but there is another chance to hear it this Thursday 4 April. We are delighted that Freedom from Torture has been chosen to have this marvellous opportunity to reach new supporters and to raise much needed funds. 

We are also very privileged to have the film and theatre actress Thandie Newton to present our appeal. Thandie is not just a highly successful performer, but is also a committed human rights activist, passionate about ending violence against women and human rights abuses in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Thandie visited Freedom from Torture last year as part of her preparation for a role as a former political prisoner who was raped and tortured in Ariel Dorfman's play, Death and the Maiden. She met with torture survivors from the Survivors Speak OUT network and our 'Write to Life' creative writing group.

Listen to Thandie speaking movingly of her support for our work here:

Our Radio 4 appeal in 2010, presented by our patron John McCarthy, raised £20,979. Help us to make our appeal an even bigger success this year - we are hoping to hit £25,000!

Please encourage all your friends, family and colleagues to listen in (and donate!) at 3.27pm on Thursday the 4th April.

You can also listen to the appeal online here on the BBC Radio 4 Appeals website for the next year.