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Welcome to Training and Capacity Building at Freedom from Torture

What we do:

In 2012 - 13 we developed and delivered training programmes for domestic and international agencies working with torture survivors, including:

  • Frontline advice services for asylum seekers and refugees
  • GP and health services
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) services
  • Voluntary counselling organisations
  • Legal representatives
  • UK Department of Health staff working in initial accommodation centres
  • International work - including our current project with Penal Reform International, to develop a major training project for legal and clinical professionals working with survivors in the CIS countries.

Freedom from Torture builds capacity around the UK for primary health care trusts, NGOs, charities, and other frontline services working with survivors of torture, refugees and asylum seekers.

Much of our work consists of the design and delivery of high quality, bespoke training programmes for organisations that provide services for survivors of torture.

Bespoke training

All of our centres at Freedom from Torture offer a bespoke training design service. Our training and capacity building work has been operating for over 8 years and in this time Freedom from Torture has designed, delivered and supported over 700 Capacity Building events.

Our bespoke service can help you to identify and address your organisation or team''s specific training requirements through a detailed Training Needs Analysis, using questionnaires, focus groups and/or one to one interviews with staff. We then use this information to design a unique training programme tailored to your organisational needs with our training experts and clinicians.

Examples of topics covered in our training programmes include:

  • Identification and assessment of survivors of torture
  • Risk and protection issues for survivors of torture
  • Therapeutic approaches when working with survivors of torture and clients with complex trauma
  • Working with interpreters in a clinical setting
  • Interviewing skills when working with victims of extreme trauma (for non-clinicians)
  • The power of groups when working with survivors of torture
  • Good practice when working with victims of sexual violence
  • Relationship counselling for survivors of torture
  • Good practice when working with children, families and separated young people
  • Documenting torture for human rights outcomes
  • Survivor empowerment and activism
  • Self care for staff working with victims of extreme trauma

But your programme would be designed around the needs of your staff (as identified in the training needs analysis).

Professional development opportunities for organisations and individuals

Freedom from Torture offers a range of professional support and development opportunities in addition to training. These include:

  • One-to-one clinical supervision
  • Group supervision
  • Study visits
  • Networking events
  • Consultation/case review

To find out more about our upcoming training programmes, our bespoke services, or if you have any queries, please contact us on .