Freedom from Torture - The Survivor - Autumn 2012

The Survivor - Autumn 2012

Freedom from Torture
The Survivor - Autumn 2012

This issue:

  • The Second Torture, by John, from our North East centre - In his poem, John describes the trauma of navigating the asylum process.
  • Justice at last - Caseworker Counsellor Perico Rodriguez gives evidence in Argentinian torture trial
  • Learning to trust again - Senior Counsellor and Adult Therapy team manager Funda Kansu talks here about
    her work with torture survivors
  • A gift of hope from Elise (Lisl) Steiner - Lisl Steiner was born into a Jewish family in Vienna in 1923. With the help of her uncle she left Austria in 1938, a school girl of 15, to emigrate to the UK and the promise of a safer future. She left behind her parents and younger brother.
  • Survivor activism - Growing confidence through football
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