Freedom from Torture - Advertising torture

Advertising torture

A government department is looking for a torturer to work in a well equipped prison. A militia group is recruiting a senior human rights abuser. Can’t believe what you’re reading? That’s only because jobs like this are not usually advertised. But the jobs exist and there’s no shortage of candidates.

We realise that these adverts make for uncomfortable reading. Of course torturers are not really recruited like this, but at Freedom from Torture we know only too well that torture is a daily reality for men, women and children around the world. The truth is ugly, but there are things you can do to stand up against torture and make a positive difference for survivors.

You may have recently seen the adverts (above) appearing in newspapers and online. Freedom from Torture has worked with designers from Ogilvy & Mather to launch this campaign aimed at raising funds and increasing awareness of our work. So far, the adverts have featured in the Independent and the Guardian.

We need your help. You can contribute to efforts to alleviate the devastating long-lasting effects of torture and join us in speaking out against this inhumane practice by:

  • Making a donation to our vital work today. A gift of £48 can pay for an hour of psychotherapy to help address the trauma caused by torture.
  • Calling for an end to torture and impunity - join our campaign on Sri Lanka
  • Filling in your details so we can keep in touch about how together we can hold perpetrators to account and help survivors of torture to rebuild their lives.

Thank you and welcome to the team; it's great to have you onboard!