Freedom from Torture - 'How to' Group Information

'How to' Group Information

Setting up a local group

Across the UK, committed groups of supporters help to raise funds and awareness about the work of Freedom from Torture. Being part of a local group can be an incredibly rewarding experience as it gives you the opportunity to meet like-minded people in your area and to make a major contribution to our work.

We currently have over 20 active groups across the UK. They’re a talented and dedicated bunch who together raise over £70,000 a year!

Get in touch                    

The first step in starting a group is to get in touch with us - using our contact form or call  020 7697 7749 to speak to our Local Groups Fundraiser who will tell you more about the process and the resources and support available.

We will send you an information pack to help you attract members in your area, including leaflets, posters, special appeals and copies of our supporter magazine, ‘The Survivor’, as well as our latest Annual Review and Local Group newsletter.

Getting started

There are many things you can do to develop the group and attract new members:

  • Get together with one or two others who share your concerns about human rights, torture and the difficulties faced by refugees and asylum seekers in the UK
  • Mention your idea to friends, neighbours, colleagues and acquaintances
  • Post a flyer on notice boards at community halls, cafes, shops, doctors' surgeries, libraries and other community centres asking for people to contact you (just let us know if you need help designing or producing the flyer and don’t forget to include contact details such as a telephone number, address as well as our website address so people can find out more:

Growing your group

We can send out a mailing to all the Freedom from Torture supporters in your area telling them about your plans to set up a group and asking them to contact you.


Public liability insurance for local groups' activities and events is provided by Freedom from Torture, which covers hiring venues and organising activities.

Here to help

Our Local Groups Fundraiser is here to help you at every stage in the process of forming a new group. Please get in touch on  020 7697 7749 or email for more information or if you have any questions about starting a group.

Your first meeting

The first meeting can be really important as it will show people what they can expect from the group and it can often determine whether they will come back again. It is therefore important that you plan your first meeting well. If possible, the Local Groups Fundraiser or another member of Freedom from Torture staff will attend your first meeting to provide support.

Once your group is set up

After your first meeting and once you have your first interested and committed members, you can start planning your activities and what you want to achieve in the months ahead.