Freedom from Torture - Recycle


Recycle unwanted jewellery and banknotes


Did you know your unwanted jewellery can be recycled at no cost to you and turned into a donation to Freedom from Torture?

Gold and silver, costume jewellery and watches, even broken and damaged items- everything will be recycled.

You can also recycle any old (or new) UK or foreign Banknotes.

Freedom from Torture is partnering with Recycling for Good Causes and we can supply you with one or several envelopes to send in your unwanted pieces.

If you or any friends would like an envelope, or if you have any ideas about how to promote them, please get in touch with us on 020 7697 7788 or email


You can also recycle your inkjets cartridges and mobile phones to help support Freedom from Torture

  • Raise money for charity & protect the environment
  • Order FREEPOST bags to return your items
  • Arrange a FREE box collection for 25+ items
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