Freedom from Torture - 'Where are you from', at Tate Britain

'Where are you from', at Tate Britain

Write to Life

This publication contains work from Freedom from Torture’s creative writing group, ‘Write to Life’, which provides its members with a means of expression, an outlet for their experiences, and platforms to speak out on behalf all other survivors of torture, who may not be able to speak for themselves.

Download the pdf version, or view the slideshow below.

Nora Razian from Tate Britain writes:

This project with Freedom From Torture grows from an existing framework of the Art into Life programme at Tate Modern and Tate Britain. Running for over ten years, Art into Life is a space for a diverse range of adult community groups to work with the collection and to respond to it through discussion, writing and art making. Through our diverse adult programmes, Tate has a history of collaborating with a range of audiences and partners, and so we were delighted to partner with FFT to develop a project together around the collection and exhibition displays at Tate.

Working together over five sessions we explored connections between artworks in the Migrations: Journeys into British Art exhibition at Tate Britain and in the permanent collection displays in relation to the participants’ individual experiences. The writing that has been produced as a result of these connections will, we hope, provoke new ways of looking at the artworks and new perspectives on ideas of migration, journeys, discovery and loss.