Freedom from Torture - "I know" - a poem by a DRC torture survivor

"I know" - a poem by a DRC torture survivor

Tim, a member of Write To Life, reflects on the challenges facing the Democratic Republic of Congo in this poem.

Write to Life is a powerful form of activism supporting survivors of torture to rediscover their voice through poetry and performance. Like Tim, members write about memories of countries they were forced to flee and challenges they face as they adjust to life in the UK.

I know by Tim Malmo

I know half a loaf is better than nothing


Sometimes a whole loaf would be nice


I know peace is better than war


Why then is there war all over the world?


I know things will not always look rosy


It would be good if they did


I know life is a journey


It can be tiring, to travel all the time


I know that hope like a blazing candle can be

Put out in a moment


I also know that hope, like candle light

Can lead through dark moments


I know things can fall apart


They can also come together


I know we shall overcome some day


It will take a lot of work…




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