Freedom from Torture - Write to Life Piece Performed at Concert at the Foundling Museum

Write to Life Piece Performed at Concert at the Foundling Museum

Former Write to Life member Nadine Tunasi will have her piece ‘My Hands’ performed at a concert at the Foundling Museum at 3pm on Sunday, February 18th. Originally part of the Words and Music event, this piece will be performed by experimental ensemble, The Hermes Experiment, alongside other works.

In December 2012, Freedom from Torture’s events fundraiser organised a series of musical events to raise awareness of the charity. There was a club night, a pop night, a world night - and a modern classical night. Texts from Write to Life were sent to young composers, with an invitation to set them to music. The emotion locked in the words caught the composers’ imagination and six of them became amazing musical works. As one of them, Kate Whitley, said: ‘The text is so simple, it allows me to use music to paint the emotion behind the words.’

The process became the subject of our film, Words and Music.  The work lives on, and on Sunday, February 18 one of the pieces from the original selection, Nadine Tunasi’s ‘My Hands’, is to be performed live alongside other works at a concert at the Foundling Museum. Admission is free with museum entry.

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