Freedom from Torture - Freedom from Torture's response to the election result

Freedom from Torture's response to the election result

Now that the election result is in, it’s time for the new government to set the tone not only for Brexit negotiations but also for the UK’s leadership and reputation on the world stage.

The UK has a proud tradition of championing human rights and the absolute ban on torture, and providing sanctuary to the most vulnerable. We need to ensure that these values are not torn up for short-term gain and consigned to history.

Every day here at Freedom from Torture we see and support people who have experienced horrific abuses in their home countries. The last year has seen the exploitation of divisions in our society with political debate used to create fear and exclusion. This government has a responsibility to end these divisions. We should all call on our politicians to take this opportunity to ensure our future is also one of compassion and friendship for those fleeing torture and persecution and seeking safety on our shores.

Read our four calls to the new government.



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