Freedom from Torture - "Where does it hurt?" by Freshteh

"Where does it hurt?" by Freshteh

Freshteh, a Write To Life member, reflects on mental health having survived torture.

Write to Life is a powerful form of activism supporting survivors of torture to rediscover their voice through poetry and performance. Like Freshteh, our members write about memories of countries they were forced to flee and challenges they face as they adjust to life in the UK.

"Where does it hurt?" - by Freshteh

"with a broken hand you can still function,
not with a broken heart" (Persian saying)

Yes, tell me, exactly where does it hurt?

When you can't live your life,

when you don't want to see anybody,

but you very much want to see somebody –

When you are deep-down lonely.


Where does it hurt

when you cry in silence,

feeling a strong sense of loss –

When you see your dark past

and your future not bright?

Where does it hurt

when you are desperate for a familiar

face, voice or words,

when all your heart desires

is to be with your beloved.

When you want to put away all bitter

feelings of being one of the 'other';

Where does it hurt,

when your mother is not there

to soothe you, and kiss you better.



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