Freedom from Torture - "Behind the document, there are children suffering" - Rachel's story

"Behind the document, there are children suffering" - Rachel's story

Many of the torture survivors we work with are claiming asylum in the UK and are not allowed to work, struggling to live on an asylum allowance of £37.75 a week.

Many of them, like Rachel, are only able to buy basic essentials like food, clothes or even a bus ticket to get to the doctor with the support of our Emergency Relief fund.

When Rachel refused to spy for the corrupt government of her home country, her life was ripped away from her. Police came to her home, snatched Rachel’s nine-month-old daughter from her arms, threw the baby across the room and killed her. 

For days, Rachel was chained to an upright chair, where she was tortured and electrocuted.

When she was finally freed, she knew she had to flee the country in order to survive. But it wasn’t safe to take her boys with her so, distraught, she sent them into hiding for their own safety. She came to the UK and claimed asylum.

After so much agony, Rachel was desperate to hug her boys. But when they finally managed to get visas to come to the UK, Rachel was struggling to get by and could barely feed them

A parent who does not have anything to protect their children, you feel like you are nothing.

- Rachel

Having offered her therapy, we had to step in again to ensure she had enough money to afford everyday essentials for her and her three sons.

For torture survivors in poverty, our Emergency Relief Fund can be their only hope of eating and staying warm. 

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