Freedom from Torture - Mother by Joy

Mother by Joy

Write to Life says:

The last piece in our anthology celebrates International Women’s Day. This year Write to Life were invited by Women for Refugee Women to join them in Parliament to lobby MPs to ‘Set Her Free’. Women in the group wrote poems and performed one of them in a packed committee room on March 8. And in the year of #MeToo and the centenary of votes for women, let’s hope our voices and all the others will finally turn things around for the many women, all over the world, who suffer needlessly and unseen.

Joy writes:

I have been a member of Write to Life for three years. Being a refugee is not a crime – anybody can be a refugee because nobody plans to be a refugee. I came into the UK looking for protection and somewhere I could be safe – the government should treat refugees with dignity and like human beings.

When I went to parliament for International Women’s Day, I felt impressed and in charge. If all women stand together we can change the world. We need women to be free, not locked in detention. We need women to be treated like queens not animals!

Mother by Anonymous

Woman was created by God

When God created man he made him sleep, took his rib and created Woman.


But no one knows what God said to the Woman in the process.


Woman is the secret of God

Woman is the answer of God

Woman is the response to all questions

Woman is the rose, the flower asking for water every day

Woman is the thought of God


Women are not born to be abused

They are the heart of the rose


Woman is like a bird.

Restrict her too much and she will choke

Give her too much freedom and she will fly away


Treat a woman like a queen with respect, dignity and honour

Violence against women is like violence against God

Woman is a human being

Woman gives life to children

Woman is someones wife

Woman consoles the heart


It is only women who know what God said

All accompanying art for Write to Life’s 20 pieces for Refugee Week is by members of the Open Art Studio group at Freedom from Torture.




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