Freedom from Torture - The power of facilitation

The power of facilitation

Blog post by Tina Puryear, Training & Capacity Building Manager

To mark International Facilitation Week (17 – 23 October; #FacWeek), I'd like to share with you two interventions Freedom from Torture offers which can help you and your team in your work with refugees and asylum seekers who are struggling with complex trauma and significant loss: facilitated peer support groups or meetings, and facilitated multidisciplinary meetings to unpick complex clinical cases.

Facilitation is a method or approach that enables teams and groups to harness learning that might otherwise get lost. Facilitation is important in promoting shared learning and in creating what is often called that ‘aha’ or the ‘light bulb’ moment when the connections and the insights on complex issues seem to flow effortlessly together and the learning becomes greater than the sum of individual contributions.

Having a skilled facilitator who is also experienced in working with survivors of torture meet regularly with a team can be extremely helpful for myriad reasons including:

  • Providing a safe space to reflect on how we as practitioners are impacted by our work with vulnerable and traumatised service users (and/or exposed to traumatic material such as case notes)
  • Providing a structured space for practitioners to take a step back, to process and learn from challenging experiences that can arise when working with traumatised service users such as survivors of torture
  • Fostering cross discipline and team thinking to support those with complex client cases
  • Promote skill-sharing and learning from each other (can include building on any formalised training programmes and/or to build on already existing expertise)
Find out more about Freedom from Torture's Training and Capacity Building here. If you and your team are working with asylum seekers, refugees or survivors of torture and would like to know more about the training we offer and explore how we can support your team through facilitated meetings or groups, please email us at



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