Freedom from Torture - Thank you for showing torture survivors you care this Christmas

Thank you for showing torture survivors you care this Christmas

Thousands donated to our Christmas gift appeal this year. Thanks to the amazing generosity we've seen, we are able to begin giving out Christmas gifts to survivors of torture and their families.

Blog by Jolie

In November we asked supporters if they could buy a Christmas present for a torture survivor.

Thanks to the amazing generosity we've seen, we were able to begin giving out presents to survivors of torture and their families (if you'd like to, there's still time to give a gift). It was lovely to see people’s faces light up when they arrived for their therapy sessions and also had a present given to them!

We wanted to share with you just one of the beautiful moments that was made possible thanks to all the support we've received.

A mother attending therapy sessions at our London centre was reunited with her three sons after four years apart. She brought her boys to her session, they were all so excited and thankful to receive their gifts. She said,

“Thank you so much for the presents and for the love that a small present is giving me and my family. It doesn’t matter what’s inside, it is the thought of all these people wanting to give me and my sons presents this Christmas.”

One of her sons said:

“It is such a big surprise. I couldn’t even imagine that someone would give me a present. It is so nice to see that people think and care about us.”

The amazing and generous support we've received shows people who have been tortured that the worst is behind them and they are safe here in the UK, among friends like you. It doesn't take a lot to help make a survivor of torture feel welcome. 

Thank you for all you do for torture survivors. 




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