Freedom from Torture - "An Endless Night" - a poem by Baban

"An Endless Night" - a poem by Baban

Baban, a Write to Life member, reflects on fleeing their homeland from inside immigration detention

Write to Life is a powerful form of activism supporting survivors of torture to rediscover their voice through poetry and performance. Like Baban, our members write about memories of countries they were forced to flee and challenges they face as they adjust to life in the UK.

An Endless Night by Baban

Her time comes to an end    

The blackness of night reaches the edge of an open window

And plays with some withered flowers in an old vase

The light is dim

It is quiet everywhere

Soon the flowers will turn to dust.


A lonely asylum seeker sits in the room

Facing the dark shadows

She fights with the past and her memories

She left everything for freedom, to become a refugee

But ended up with nothing

She left her soil, home and motherland

Running from the bloodsuckers in power

She lost her children in the mad waves of the sea

She is alone now, inside the horror of an asylum camp in the west.


A new history of pain begins for her

A fear of walls, prejudice and interrogation

She endures sleeplessness, nightmares

And struggles with her bereavement

A fear of waiting

Waiting for her leave to remain.


Soon the darkness will settle

And push away all light in the room

In a while this gloomy night will come to an end

But tonight silence sits in the heart of her sorrow

A wind blows inside the room and takes everything.

Tomorrow will never appear and night will continue forever

Day or night, spring or autumn; they make no difference

The pain is not relieved

Until a candle is lit in the room

The story of her life ends here

In this room

As her world slowly melts away.



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