Freedom from Torture - With your help: Tracy rediscovered her voice

With your help: Tracy rediscovered her voice

Tracy, from Survivors Speak OUT, had to learn to speak again after she was tortured. Now she is an inspiration for others like her.

A loving, hardworking, mum of two, Tracy holds her head high as she walks down the street but if you knew what she has been through you’d be amazed.

She was an electrical engineer in Zimbabwe, educated, professional and managing her own team; but she couldn’t write or speak after she was tortured for months.

Tracy was brutally tortured after she spoke to the media about the government killing her parents. She spent six weeks in a coma until she regained her health and found help to flee.

“The only thing we are left with is to turn our painful memories to a useful purpose.”

- Tracy

She said;

“When I first arrived in the UK I was so traumatised I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t write. There were all these people in uniforms and I  was scared of them. I was locked in a detention centre and at the Home Office I was questioned. I felt worthless.”

Tracy is a member of the Survivors Speak OUT group, a torture survivor-led activist network which campaigns against the use of torture, speaks out about its impact and supports survivors’ rights.

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Your support has helped Tracy rebuild her life.

These are just a few of her achievements:

  • Tracy volunteers to help other refugee women locked in detention centres. She said; “When I went there it brought up so many horrible memories. My heart was racing, but I knew I had support.”
  • Speaks to teachers to raise awareness of refugee children in UK schools.
  • Received various Freedom from Torture training on how to facilitate workshops.
  • Helped with a programme of workshops for Home Office staff. She said: “I was so nervous. But because of all the support I had, I felt equal. I felt confident. I knew I could do it.”
  • Being part of Freedom from Torture’s Write to Life, a creative writing group, and going on tour in the UK to perform a play about their story, “Souvenirs”

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