Freedom from Torture - You made it happen

You made it happen

blog by Charlotte Hodson

As another year comes to an end, our individual giving fundraiser Charlotte celebrates the huge impact our supporters have on everything we do to help survivors of torture.

On Giving Tuesday this year, staff in Freedom from Torture centres around the country will take a few moments out of their busy days to write a Christmas card to a supporter to simply say – thank you.

As a smaller charity, we don’t have the funds to run TV adverts or national campaigns about our work, so people who have chosen to support us are treasured and we are so grateful for their continued support. In short, you made it happen.

It’s amazing to think that 90% of the income we need each year comes from individual people, giving to Freedom from Torture simply because they want to help people who have been tortured. You can see it in the messages we receive too, which we hang around our centres for the people we help to read.

The care and commitment from Freedom from Torture supporters is incredible, I really think that once you have read the stories of survivors and you have seen the impact your donation makes, you become a supporter for life.

There are currently 14,860 people who give a regular gift to help people who have been tortured. This is so important because it means we can plan for a person’s future when everyone else lets them down or fades away - we can make sure we are there.

I’ve just got off the phone from a young survivor called Aalia. She’s from Eritrea and arrived here alone when she was 16 after unspeakable abuse. She’s finished therapy now but contacted us to see how she could help the charity and how she could tell her story.

She said that the key thing about Freedom from Torture is that they listened to her and cared for her when no one else did, and that saved her life.

A few years ago she spent her Christmas at home alone in terrible accommodation, but we helped her get the confidence to go to college. Now, she’s learnt English, learnt to trust people, escaped her nightmares, gone to college and made some friends. This year she will celebrate Christmas with her partner and little boy.

Whenever you donate, please take a moment to remember it’s so much more than money – you make success stories like this happen.

Every year we appeal to our supporters' kindness to help us give a Christmas present to every survivor of torture we work with. For many of them, this will be the only present they'll get all year.

Will you help us fund a Christmas Care Box full of thoughtful and practical gifts to bring comfort and joy to Celeste and little Claude this Christmas?



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