Freedom from Torture - "That’s why we call ourselves survivors."

"That’s why we call ourselves survivors."

Write To Life member Jade, features as part of "Stories Untold": a series of short films featuring London-based migrants, which receives its world premiere at the launch of The London Migration Film Festival on Thursday November 30th.

Blog by Jade Amoli-Jackson

I first met the Migration Collective when they came to our Write to Life group at Freedom from Torture. I thought they were wonderful young people. 

They wanted us to work with them so that asylum seekers or refugees tell their stories first hand.

After working with them for the Refugee Week, they got back in touch and asked me if I could do a project with them at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. I took part in the Story Telling project there. 

They again asked me if they could film me in the house I live in. I wanted to say ‘no’ because my flat is not clean enough. You know, you think of such things! Yet, they didn’t judge me at all and they were so sweet, so I said ‘yes.’

When they came to film me, I thought there would be three or two women but six of them turned up, two men and four women. They soon made me feel as if I had six children and soon we were all laughing and eating together.

They came at 11:30am and left at 4 pm. After they had finished, they cleared up and left so I went back to my lonely self.

I am looking forward to seeing the finished work on the big screen but I am dreading it too. Some people who have gone through what I’ve gone through might find it difficult to watch. But it also might help my friends from Write to Life. We have gone through similar tortures together. We have similar stories. That’s why we call ourselves survivors. 

Jade is a member of our Write to Life creative writing group. Members of the group are referred by their clinician, but they can stay after their treatment has ended. Often Write to Life becomes a bridge between Freedom from Torture and a new life in the world.



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