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Citizens targeted for engaging in legitimate political activity Rampant abuse, sexual torture and witnessing of killings in detention People detained without charge, denied any due process in official and unofficial sites that operate under system of lawlessness Concern torture practices will intensify ahead of elections in December
Joy, a member of Write To Life, reflects life in the Democratic Republic of Congo vs life in the UK in this poem.
Tim, a member of Write To Life, reflects on the challenges facing the Democratic Republic of Congo in this poem.
Authors Julian Barnes and Tracy Chevalier will host Freedom from Torture’s biennial literary fundraiser on 15 November. This year's theme will be freedom and will explore what that means for the social and political landscape in 2018. The fundraising event will take place at IET in Savoy Place, Central London, and will precede an online auction of unique literary-themed prizes, donated by literary stars. The auction will be open on 1 November and finish on the evening at the event.
Tim, a member of Write To Life, shares the impact detention and torture in the Democratic Republic of Congo has had on him in this moving poem.
The torture survivors we work with come face to face with the insidious tentacles of Prime Minister May’s ‘hostile environment’ daily. When they live in fear of being sent home after years of hopelessly trying to prove what they’ve been through to the Home Office. When they battle ill-health in poverty and in unsafe housing. When they’re too scared to visit the doctor…
For immediate release: 29 October 2018 In response to former President Mahinda Rajapaksa's attempt to seize power, Sonya Sceats, Chief Executive of Freedom from Torture said: “We are deeply troubled by this political crisis in Sri Lanka and the prospect of escalating brutality by the military, police and intelligence services.
Ben is a Therapist at Freedom from Torture’s North-West centre in Manchester. Read on to know more about what originally drew him to the role as well as the powerful techniques he employs to help survivors of torture to deal with their trauma. How long have you been working with Freedom from Torture for and what drew you to the organisation?
When Kadri, 39, arrived in the UK, he had nothing but the clothes on his back. He’d fled for his life after being tortured for being politically active in his home country. He was frightened, homeless, and faced a long struggle to secure refugee status and begin to build a new life here. Today he loves his work as a chef and below shares his Special Chicken Curry recipe – why not have a go this National Curry Week?
This latest edition of The Survivor showcases just a handful of the lives that were changed thanks to the help of our supporters, and the incredible real stories that have happened as a result. Shego's life was transformed thanks to the power of music (page 2), Noella gained employment and is now able to “see a future” (page 5), while Matthew was saved from detainment here in the UK (page 8).