Freedom from Torture - Yalan's Watalappam

Yalan's Watalappam

This recipe comes from Sri Lanka and takes me back to my time in Jaffna. I learned how to make Watalappam in the UK from a friend.

Recipe from Yalan

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1kg Kithul Jaggery (palm sugar) 

21 eggs 

50g ginger 

600g coconut milk 

25 Cardamom pods 


Note: Palm sugar is commonly referred to as jaggery in South Asia where it is widely used. It is brown with a crumbly texture and available in most supermarkets.



- Heat the pan slightly.

- Add the Kithul Jaggery.

- While it is heating add the crushed cardamom. 

- In another bowl add the eggs and finely chopped ginger.

- Beat the eggs and ginger with an electric beater for at least 5 minutes.

- When Kithul Jaggery is melted thoroughly remove from fire and let it cool slightly.

- Add the coconut milk into the melted Jaggery mixture.

- Add the beaten eggs.

- Beat this mixture thoroughly, strain and bake in a tray covered with kitchen foil for 1½ hours at 160°C.

This recipe is featured in 'Sri Lanka: Recipes from Home', a recipe book from our Tamil group, which is available to buy in our online shop.

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