Freedom from Torture - An A to Z of Poverty

An A to Z of Poverty

This project, 'The A-Z of Poverty' video and booklet, were inspired by "The Poverty Barrier: The Right to Rehabilitation for survivors of torture in the UK", FFT's report from 2013. Deeply researched and shocking, it showed the widespread deprivation, fear and misery in which our clients, and others trapped in the asylum system, have to live.

The report included personal testimonies from clients, including members of Write to Life. Many of them had feelings that went beyond the simple facts of their situation, and they wanted to express them more strongly and powerfully, in their own words.

Write to Life's 'big projects' are guided by what its members want to do, and this paralyzing poverty and fear were clearly a major concern in the group. So here is the result: twenty-six pieces of moving writing, nine video testimonies, and a few dreams to end on a happier note.

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