Freedom from Torture - Refugee Week: Celebrating our Shared Future

Refugee Week: Celebrating our Shared Future

Refugee Week is the UK’s largest festival celebrating the contribution of refugees.

Freedom from Torture is one of 16 partner organisations leading Refugee Week in the UK. Hundreds of arts, cultural and educational events will be held nationwide to celebrate #OurSharedFuture including many organised by Freedom from Torture and our supporters, which are listed below.

At Freedom from Torture, we see the amazing contribution that refugees and asylum seekers make to UK society every day. Some former clients have become colleagues holding torturers to account or delivering therapy. Others are working in the media, assisting disabled children or have jobs in retail.

Check out our website, Twitter and Facebook to discover stories from those who have sought refuge in the UK and to find out what events are happening near you.

Join us in celebrating #OurSharedFuture.

Photos from the Southbank during Refugee Week 2017