Freedom from Torture - History of the network

History of the network

Torture brutalises and corrupts whole societies. Often done with impunity, it encourages continuing cycles of violence and lawlessness. Speaking out against torture is the only way to break this pattern.

The Survivors Speak OUT network was set up by survivors, for survivors as a platform to speak out from. We had been tortured and forced to flee our families and our homes. Like other survivors, our search for safety has and continues to face many hurdles.

"When I came through my therapy at Freedom from Torture, I was determined to find a way to let other survivors know there is a way out. I wanted them to know that they could speak about their experiences but also that they had to speak out about their experiences, if we were to bring perpetrators of torture to justice. We must break the silence.

It has been a difficult journey but today our network stands as proof that there is life after torture. Our torturers wanted to keep us silent but we have a message to spread and we will not be quiet until we have left our legacy."

Kolbassia, SSO Coordinator