Freedom from Torture - Volunteering your time

Volunteering your time

Giving your time, skills and creativity can help make a difference to the lives of torture survivors. Volunteers make Freedom from Torture’s vital work possible and there are many different ways you can get involved. 

Profile of a Freedom from Torture volunteer

'Freedom from Torture does such good work. It is so needed by people and if I can be there in some small way, then I’m glad.'

Frank Adler, a retired school teacher from Muswell Hill has helped to run the Chess Club at Freedom from Torture for over ten years.

The Chess Club meets at Freedom from Torture’s London centre for two hours every Wednesday. Each week, Frank silently sets up the boards on a long table as the members of the group gradually arrive and, without much in the way of formalities, begin to play.

'Chess is a language in its own right,' Frank explains. 'It gives people time away from their troubling thoughts and fears. Our purpose is to give them just two hours a week when there is no pressure on them, so they can have a pleasant time with a hot drink, snacks and some company.'

For Frank it is an inherent sense of what is right that motivates him to continue volunteering. He says growing up in South Africa under apartheid and experiencing racism and injustice as a young man has instilled in him a desire to support those who are marginalised in society.

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