Fundraise from Home

‘Pub’ quiz online

Host a pub quiz online, using Zoom, Skype or Houseparty. Invite family, friends and colleagues to participate from home for an entry fee donated to Freedom from Torture. 


Gather round 'virtually' to binge watch your favourite shows or movies using Netflix Party  to watch together from the comfort of your own homes. Suggest a donation to Freedom from Torture to take part. 

How to Host A Watch-A-Long

Online disco

Use Mixlr to broadcast your favourite tunes online to host your own dance party. Suggest a donation to take part or "pay-to-play" songs from participants.  

How to Host An Online Disco

Birthday fundraisers

Are you one of the many people celebrating their birthday during lockdown? Why not ask for donations instead of gifts for your birthday.

Ebay old items

Having a spring clean out on lockdown? Sell old items on ebay and donate the proceeds to Freedom from Torture.


Make use of items from around the house to make useful things with a craft-a-long. Or just have a get together with friends to craft together. Suggest a donation to take part. 


Host a competition. Whether it’s guess the buttons in a jar (after all the clearing out), make the best hat out of household items, create a photo diary for 7 days of your qua-routine, funniest/best diary wins. Entry fee donated to Freedom from Torture.

Virtual Challenges

Use the lockdown to get fit. Take up 100 squats a day for a week. Climb the stairs the same amount as Everest (or similar), run 5km just inside your home. Ask for donations to sponsor your achievement