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John McCarthy, is a journalist, writer and broadcaster. He was held hostage in Lebanon from 1986-1991. He has been a Freedom from Torture patron since 1993.
Those of us who work with victims of human rights violations, whether in the NGO sector or in public services, can be affected by hearing detailed and harrowing stories about our clients' experiences. The effects can be wide ranging and include changes in our physical, psychological and social well-being and can even affect our view of the world we live in.
Freedom from Torture urges US Secretary of State John Kerry not to lose sight of the formidable human rights challenges still facing Sri Lanka as he prepares to visit the country this weekend. The new government in Sri Lanka under President Sirisena has taken impressive steps to restore freedom of the press and strengthen the rule of law.
With just days to go to the General Election we're preparing our calls to action for an incoming government. Our priority calls are below – and if you're a supporter with a chance to ask some questions of your Parliamentary candidates before Thursday 7 May you might just want to ask them where they stand on these issues:
Sonya Sceats, our Director of Policy and Advocacy, considers what’s at stake for torture survivors. Follow her at @SonyaSceats
Susan Munroe, Chief Executive of Freedom from Torture, said:
Migrant sea rescue
This Thursday the Prime Minister will  attend an emergency meeting of the EU leaders on the Mediterranean crisis Susan Munroe, Chief Executive of Freedom from Torture, said:
Freedom from Torture response to the announcement of the EU Foreign Ministers' meeting today. Susan Munroe, Chief Executive, Freedom from Torture, said:
400 people dead in the Mediterranean is an unacceptable death toll
The news that up to 400 people have drowned in the Mediterranean trying to reach Italy by boat from Africa has prompted an outpouring of condemnation from human rights groups. Susan Munroe, Chief Executive, Freedom from Torture, said:
Arsenal vs Manchester United is a major event in any football calendar, but the game gained even greater importance last month as the teams in question were Freedom from Torture's two regional football therapy groups for torture survivors playing against each other for the first time.


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