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John McCarthy, is a journalist, writer and broadcaster. He was held hostage in Lebanon from 1986-1991. He has been a Freedom from Torture patron since 1993.
Philip Pullman

Philip Pullman introducing the poets reading from the anthology

On a  pleasant late autumn day in November Freedom from Torture  travelled to  Blackwell's bookshop in Oxford to attend the launch of a poetry anthology organised by the our  Oxford Supporters' Group and with  special guest author Philip Pullman.
Freedom from Torture would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who helped make this year's Artists Drawing a Line Under Torture Exhibition and Auction in London a success.
Barri  campaigned for the right of girls and boys to an education. For this he was tortured and had to seek asylum in the UK from where he continues to speak out: ...when you educate a girl, you educate an entire nation.

John McCarthy and Perico Rodriguez during platform discussion

Earlier this month Belarus Free Theatre invited Freedom from Torture to lead the post-performance audience discussion of their play Being Harold Pinter at the Young Vic Theatre. Noreen McKeever went along to watch them in action:
Helen Mirren
“The UK has promised refuge to 20,000 vulnerable Syrians, including those who have been tortured by the Syrian government and other military groups, over the next five years. However resettlement won’t be the end of their long journey.
Syrian refugees need access to specialist services


Freedom from Torture statement on arrival of resettled Syria refugees. Susan Munroe, Chief Executive of Freedom from Torture, said:
The Crying Game 6 (Marcelle Hanselaar)
Write to life member, Aso, gives his interpretation of Lot 18, Marcelle Hanselaar's  'The Crying Game 6', one of the works in our upcoming Art Auction.
Karl Andree
Freedom from Torture, the UK-based human rights organisation, has condemned the punishment of flogging faced by UK citizen Karl Andree in Saudi Arabia. Mr Andree who has already served over a year in prison, was also sentenced to 350 lashes for possession of alcohol, a crime in Saudi Arabia. Dr Juliet Cohen, Head of Doctors at Freedom from Torture said:
Sile Reynolds, Lead Asylum Policy Advisor at Freedom from Torture, shares her thoughts on the "ever more complex forensic documentation" needed "in order to satisfy what is becoming in practice an inflated standard of proof." With the space of just a few days I have witnessed two conference performances that have left me speechless.


FfT in the media


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