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Six of London's top chefs donated their time and culinary expertise to create a memorable evening for food-loving Freedom from Torture supporters last night, helping to raise a total of £13,000 to support survivors of torture.
Helen Bamber

Helen Bamber

Freedom from Torture clinician and torture survivor Perico Rodriguez shares his memories of Helen Bamber. "I first met Helen at a demonstration outside the Argentinian Embassy in London in 1979. She was wearing a white handkerchief over her hair - a symbol of solidarity with the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo – though at the time I didn't understand the symbolism.
Helen Bamber OBE passes away

Helen Bamber OBE passes away

It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing of Helen Bamber, a co-founder of the Medical Foundation and our first director from 1985-2005, who died peacefully in her sleep yesterday afternoon aged 89. Freedom from Torture's Vice Chair of Trustees Daniel Dayan said on behalf of all trustees, staff and volunteers:
Freedom from Torture supporter, Lorna Weaver, talks about her participation in the Great Manchester 1-Mile Swim
Earlier this year the High Court ordered the Home Office to review asylum support. The Home Office has now announced that the level of support to a single adult asylum seeker will not be changing from its level of around £36 a week. Andy Keefe, Director of National Clinical Services, Freedom from Torture, said:

CIA headquarters

Jean-Benoit Louveaux, Policy and Advocacy Manager, Freedom from Torture, said: "The world has been waiting too long for the publication of the report on torture by the C.I.A. There can be no more excuses for delaying it any longer.
Abysmal asylum support rates are hampering torture survivors’ recovery from trauma
Marie* was arrested and imprisoned for attending a peaceful anti-government demonstration organised by students at her university in the Democratic Republic of Congo. During her three months in detention she was raped, beaten and burned with cigarettes almost every day.
Some Write to Life members have been participating in a project at Tate Modern, called 'The World is Flooding'. It's a devised theatre piece based on the play 'Mystery Bouffe' by the Russian playwright Mayakovsky. Write to Life member, Jade Amoli-Jackson writes her first-person account of the performance.
Lord Gawain Douglas helped raised funds for Freedom from Torture by performing a recital of T.S. Eliot's masterpiece Four Quartets, with music by Vaughan Williams. Of the event Gawaid said:

Building of the European Court of Human Rights

Jean-Benoit Louveaux, Policy and Advocacy Manager for Freedom from Torture, said:



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