A safe place: our campaign to make the UK a fairer place for survivors

The UK has a proud tradition of offering safety to people fleeing torture and persecution.  But times are uncertain and these values are under threat. It's time to take a stand. Will you join us?

Our society is becoming even more polarised. 

Values our parents and grandparents fought for over decades are under threat. Extremist views are becoming normalised, even in the mainstream media.

Increasingly, elected leaders around the world are praising or giving a green light to torture and other gross violations of human rights.

The UK has a proud tradition of offering safety to people fleeing torture and persecution. But recent political shocks, both in the UK and worldwide, means nothing is certain any more.

Right now, it is time to fight for what you believe in. Join us in our fight to protect the rights of people who have fled torture and come to the UK seeking our help. 

We believe there are a few principles that should never be questioned. 

  1. The UK must remain a place of safety for torture survivors and others fleeing persecution.
  2. It is vital that Home Office decisions on asylum claims are made quickly and fairly. They have to start getting decisions right the first time around so people don’t have to fear being sent back to torture while they go through harrowing and lengthy appeals processes.
  3. We have to help people who have survived torture to heal.  We know that torture survivors struggle to recover from their experiences while living in poverty, without proper access to healthcare or rehabilitation services.  Sadly this is the situation for many people. This has to change.
  4. Torture survivors should never be detained for immigration purposes. Locking up a person who has experienced detention and torture before is devastating for their mental and physical health. Our therapists say it can take people's recovery right back.
  5. We should not be working with states that torture their people - under any circumstances. Regardless of trade deals they might be offering, states that do not uphold the human rights of their people should be held to account. States that enable torture and turn a blind eye to it, should be called out.

This is our country. We believe in our ability to be welcoming, compassionate, fair, and kind.

We need to let the world know that the UK will always stand up to torturers and offer shelter to those who need it. Our example can encourage others to do the same.

Will you join us?