Crossing Over Water


Join us for North London supporters group's Crossing Over Water challenge!

Thursday 19th August 2021 - Tuesday 21st September 2021

Between Humanitarian Day and World Peace Day we are looking for enthusiastic individuals and groups, to stand with survivors, raise money and show support via their very own #crossingoverwater challenge.

Crossing Over Water is a fundraising event in which you can choose your own method of crossing over water to take part - from swimming 5k, to kayaking, to walking along a river and crossing each bridge!

Each year millions of people make journeys across water. For most of us this passage is safe however for many it is not. Every day, those fleeing persecution and conflict need to make perilous journeys to seek safety. This year, as a way to stand with people who need to make dangerous journeys, Freedom from Torture North London Supporters Group, is hosting this fundraising challenge.

Check out the #crossingoverwater Justgiving campaign for key information, photos, and the running total of how much the campaign is raising or have a look at the guidance booklet for information on how to get involved.

Crossing Over Water - guidance booklet