Lost and Found - a musical tale by Write to Life

Six members of Freedom from Torture’s Write to Life creative writing group share moments of significance in their journeys from ‘there to here’, from around the world to new lives in London.

A combination of speech, song and recorded sound is performed by a cast from Iran, Cuba, Uganda and Burundi, supported by a chorus of other clients and staff.

The cast are survivors of torture, but these stories are not ones you’ve heard before. Its themes are love, unexpected friendship and above all, music - from the violin buried by order of the Ayatollahs, to the African song unwittingly performed in a British Library reading room.

The music is rooted in songs remembered from home, developed and intertwined during production.

The work had its live premiere at the Roundhouse on 2 September 2016. Listen to the final version HERE. We recommend using headphones to get the full binaural effect, which sends you on a magical journey through the stories.

On this page you’ll find videos of the preparation and performance, and below, audio files of the individual numbers.

Click here to listen to audio clips from 'Lost and Found'.