Recipes from Home


Learn first hand from the talented cooks behind the book "New Scots Cooking: Food for Freedom" and survivors of torture Parveneh, Srwa and BJ, as they take you on a culinary journey through Iran, Kurdistan and Nigeria.

Take part in as many as six interactive zoom classes with our survivor chefs. With each class highlighting a signature dish from their native countries, hear the stories behind the recipes and how cooking at Freedom from Torture has helped each of how survivors rebuild their lives in the UK.

Each cusine offers both a meat and a vegetarian option

Tickets and more information are available on eventbrite!


Iranian cooking classes with Parveneh

- Wed 10 March, 6:30pm: Mirza Ghasemi (Aubergine Stew) with Persian rice and Shiraz Salad (Vegan)

- Thurs 11 March, 6:30pm: Aash Doogh (Yogurt-Based Persian Soup) (Traditional - Beef)

Kurdish cooking classes with Srwa

- Tues 16 March, 6:30pm: Slq (Tagine) with Kurdish Rice and a Red Cabbage Herby Salad (Vegan)

- Friday 19 March, 6:30pm: Kurdish Chicken Biryani with Almonds and a Tabouleh Salad (Traditional - Chicken)

Nigerian cooking classes with BJ

- Friday 26 March, 6:30pm: Nigerian Jollof Rice (A delicious tomato based rice dish - popular in most Nigerian parties and celebrations)(Vegan)

- Friday 2 April, 6:30pm: Goteh Soup (Traditional Nigerian Beef Soup).(Traditional - Beef)

When purchasing your ticket you will also have the option to purchase a copy of "New Scots Cooking: Food for Freedom" a very special cookbook featuring a variety of delicious dishes from Parveneh, Srwa and BJ along with recipes from other inspirational refugee women now living in Scotland.

All funds raised from the classes and cookbook will directly support survivors of torture. The funds will provide vital therapy, legal and welfare support, as well as bringing survivors together in creative groups like cooking, gardening, baking, art and music.