The Reality of the Refugee Journey


How do people fleeing persecution and war cope with the realities of their journey and the hostile environment in the UK?

Dr Liz Clark Is a Clinical Advisor for Medical Justice - an organisation which provides medical advice and assessment to people in immigration detention in the UK. She has also worked for Freedom from Torture, writing medico-legal reports, and for MSF with refugees in Lesbos, Damascas and Cairo. 

Jane Shackman provides psychosocial support following trauma and bereavement to refugees, asylum seekers and others in the UK and in countries during and after conflict. She has worked for Freedom from Torture and also in Rwanda, Bosnia, Sierra Leone, Yemen and Kosovo.  She has seen how resilient and resourceful people are, even at times of greatest fear, difficulty, loss and uncertainty. Most recently she ran workshops for Afghani women who were living in limbo in Greece.

Jane and Liz will speak about their experiences, giving us an insight into their work overseas and in the UK immigration and detention system. There will be plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion. 

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Time: 7pm