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How we are funded?

Freedom from Torture is an independent registered charity and the only organisation in the UK which is exclusively dedicated to the care and treatment of torture survivors.

We rely on donations from individuals for almost three quarters of our funding. We raise income using a variety of methods and from a variety of sources so that we can maintain a safe and sustainable framework that allows us to continue providing vital services to survivors of torture. We do not accept any money from the Government so as to remain completely impartial and independent. The only exception is funding we receive from the Department of Health towards the production of guidelines for assessing torture survivors and for the training of health professionals. We publish financial information in our annual review.


I have a fundraising enquiry

For fundraising enquiries, please call 020 7697 7788 or email

Why do you send out mailings?

We send out mailings both to gain new supporters and to maintain the support we receive from our existing supporters. Freedom from Torture supporters help raise hundreds of thousands of pounds each year, which we use to fund our work with survivors of torture. If you haven’t given to us previously and do not wish to receive our mailings please subscribe to the Mailing Preference Service. If you are already a supporter but don’t want to continue receiving our mailings please call 020 7697 7788.

Where your money goes

Your donation goes a long way...

  • £40 could help cover the costs of one-to-one therapy
  • £70 can help 10 survivors get to their therapy sessions
  • £100 can help us provide four hours of therapy to torture survivors
  • £150 could help survivors get assessed by a caring doctor

...and your donation can go even further with Gift Aid

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