Freedom from Torture - Where your money goes

Where your money goes

Freedom from Torture receives over three quarters of its funding from generous people like you.

Your donations make our work possible – they fund our centres across the UK, ensuring that survivors of torture can access our range of services from therapy and counselling to support with housing. Until we are able to be there for every survivor of torture who needs us, we will continue to need your help.

"On behalf of all our clients, people whose lives have been so badly affected by torture, I want to thank all our donors for their generous support. Freedom from Torture makes a profound difference to the lives of survivors of torture – we can only do this thanks to your fantastic support."

~ Tony Samuel, Director of Fundraising

  • £15 could pay for a survivor’s travel to a centre

  • £30 could pay for warm clothes and essentials

  • £50 could provide a one-to-one psychotherapy session

  • £100 could provide a specialised caring therapist and an interpreter

Gift Aid is an easy way to increase the value of your donation by almost a third at no extra cost to you. If you pay income tax or capital gains tax in the UK, the value of your Gift Aid donation can be increased by 25% by signing a Gift Aid form.

One Gift Aid Declaration can cover any and all donations that you make to Freedom from Torture. Print, sign and send in the Gift Aid form (shown in Related documents below) if you'd like to Gift Aid your donations. Freedom from Torture abides by the Codes of Fundraising set out by the Institute of Fundraising. 

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