Freedom from Torture - Unknown destination by Nat Nat

Unknown destination by Nat Nat

Nat Nat writes:

I joined Write to Life in 2012. In the beginning, I wasn’t sure if it was something for me – I like writing but I wasn’t sure if I would fit into the group easily. But the more I went and heard other people speak about themselves, the more I felt I could fit in as we all had similar experiences. Despite our different stories, we all had one common root.

I think that refugees shouldn’t be seen as different from other human beings. Every person is different and the media shouldn’t portray all refugees in the same light.

As a refugee, I’m not there to wait for the system to work for me. I work, study, and volunteer – it’s not easy but I love doing what I’m doing.

This poem was related to my journey because I left without knowing where I was going. There was no way for me to go back; the only way was to move forward. It was emotional to write the poem because it reminded me of my journey but writing made it easier for me to think about.

Unknown destination by Nat Nat

You must go – go far, far away

Because you’ve lost your place

It’s just not as easy as you think

Looking in front to a dark dead day

brings more pain and turns your way back, invisible, into a void.

But you have to go, you must go

- far, far away.


An unknown direction, no trees to sit under, no shade to hide under

You are rejected, and you must go.

It’s quiet; only your heart beats. Your eyes are open, but will not let you see.

Your feet, heavily swollen, still keep on walking

Because you must go! Go far, far away.

Expecting to meet companions; they have no destination either

They just have to go, and go far, so they can’t go your way.

The road is deserted, no grass to greet you.

No trees to talk to you, no animal to offer you a ride.

But you just have to go; go far, and far away.

All accompanying art for Write to Life’s 20 pieces for Refugee Week is by members of the Open Art Studio group at Freedom from Torture.



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