A story a day for Refugee Week 2019

This #RefugeeWeek2019, we’re featuring a survivor’s story a day so you can learn about the experiences of a variety of people who have survived torture as they try to rebuild their lives here in the UK. We’ll be hearing about stories of Home Office and asylum support challenges to stories about threat of detention and hopes for the future. 

We want to make as much noise as we can this Refugee Week because we want to live in a country that is certain torture is always wrong. A place that believes in compassion and fairness. A place that welcomes people who have survived torture.

We will celebrate the resilience and contribution made by survivors of torture, and raise awareness of why people must have the right to seek protection as well as the many barriers they face rebuilding their lives in the UK and how they have managed to overcome them.

Challenging stereotypes is best done when people connect with other people. So as part of this takeover, we also want to connect the people we work with to supporters of Freedom from Torture.  What questions would you ask a survivor?

If you share this vision, stay tuned for our social media activity and sign the declaration to make the UK #ASafePlace this Refugee Week. 

The UK has a proud tradition of offering safety to people fleeing torture and persecution.  But times are uncertain and these values are under threat. It's time to take a stand. Will you sign our declaration and join us?