Home Office housing provider Serco to make 300 hundred people homeless in Glasgow by changing their locks – Freedom from Torture response

Fiona Crombie, Manager of Freedom from Torture's Glasgow centre, said:

“We are very worried about this development. Many of the men and women affected include torture survivors who are clients of Freedom from Torture. Twenty-one days is not long enough to find other accommodation and will mean very vulnerable people will be left on the streets. Our clients, many of whom are already suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health issues, will be forced to choose between rehabilitation and finding foodbanks and night shelters.

“Serco has previously employed intimidation tactics, such as sending letters ordering people to leave immediately, and already changing locks before the notice period while people are out at college or GP appointments. These callous acts will cause an immense amount of suffering and is a disgraceful way to treat the most vulnerable people in our society.

“These evictions must be suspended, and the Home Office and Serco must work together to ensure there is adequate provision made for people who will be destitute on the streets of Glasgow next month.”