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Wenger will never forget the first time he came to our centre. It was the first time he felt able to tell anybody about the cruelty he had suffered:

“I arrived in the UK three years ago. I was tortured in Afghanistan and had to leave my family behind.

“I couldn’t function at all when I first came here. I was alone, sad, and scared. But people here do care. You care about human beings, about others. You care about humanity, and I really appreciate your help.

80 – 90% of what I am is thanks to Freedom from Torture. I’m so grateful.

Wenger, Freedom from Torture client

“My therapy at Freedom from Torture really makes a difference in my life. Now I can look forward. I’m studying in college. I’m part of a football group and I even go swimming sometimes.”

Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to continue to offer therapy sessions and, most importantly, a sanctuary of care and protection to people like Wenger.

With incredible people like you by our side, together we can expose the truth about torture still taking place around the world. Together we can help those who have been taken from their families - and burnt, beaten and raped in secret. Together we can welcome torture survivors and make sure that their voices are heard.

Please don't disappear. Stand together with torture survivors and show your solidarity today.

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