Plan to send refugees to Rwanda ‘unlawful’ – A vital win as the Court of Appeal rules on the Government’s plan

In a huge win for human rights and compassion, today the Court of Appeal ruled that the Government’s plan to send refugees to Rwanda is unlawful.

We are delighted that the appeal verdict has affirmed what the caring people of this country already knew: the UK Government’s ‘cash for humans’ deal with Rwanda is not only deeply immoral, it flies in the face of the laws of this country.

Freedom from Torture provided evidence and expertise to the Court demonstrating that survivors of torture will struggle to disclose their harrowing experiences in a process that moves at breakneck speed – and with few safeguards to ensure they can challenge their removal.

As the Government makes plans for its next steps, with the possibility of taking the case to the Supreme Court, we will continue to campaign for a UK that welcomes refugees and supports survivors of torture in their healing journey.

We've already shown that people power works. Now, with so many depending on us, it's time to win again.

With the Refugee Ban Bill still passing through parliament, we need to keep up the fight. That’s why we’re asking you to write to your MP and call on them to oppose this cruel Bill.

Sonya Sceats, Chief Executive of Freedom from Torture, said:  

“Every day in Freedom from Torture’s therapy rooms, torture survivors confide in our clinicians their fears this expulsion scheme has generated amongst people seeking safety in this country. As we outlined in our intervention in the Court of Appeal, this dirty deal with Rwanda does too little to identify and protect survivors and other vulnerable groups and would see them placed at risk of further harm.

“Sunak’s inhumane policy has sparked anger across the UK, from protesters on the streets to faith leaders and cultural icons. If he is serious about offering sanctuary to those most in need, he should focus on rebuilding a fair and compassionate asylum system, one that welcomes and offers a fair hearing to refugees no matter how they arrive.”

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