Our anti-torture manifesto

Torture is never justified. It destroys lives, and every day in our therapy rooms we see torture survivors on their agonising journey of recovery. 

Countries like the UK must take positive steps to prevent torture. And yet the existence and acceptance of torture is rising globally. 

This manifesto – created with survivors of torture – calls for the UK government to lead by example in upholding the absolute ban on torture without fear or favour. 

Illustration of multiple people representing our anti-torture manifesto

What we're calling for


Be a leader in speaking out against torture

The UK must show global leadership by actively defending and promoting the absolute prohibition of torture. The UK government has a responsibility to prevent torture and to speak out against torture wherever it occurs. 

This should include taking meaningful steps to ensure that torture prevention and accountability is central to the UK’s overseas engagement, including through the reintroduction of an anti-torture strategy. 


Ensure perpetrators are held to account 

The government has a responsibility to push for accountability for torture at home and overseas. All UK laws must comply with the UK’s international obligations to ensure that the perpetrators of torture are held to account and that survivors of torture have access to justice. 

All allegations of UK involvement in torture must be credibly investigated. The government should actively promote and utilise accountability measures such as sanctions and universal jurisdiction. 


Recognise the expertise of torture survivors  

Survivors of torture have a wealth of experience and expertise to offer, and their voices should be at the heart of any policies that affect them. 

Survivors living in the UK must receive appropriate support to help them recover and rebuild their lives.