Our statement on the tragic drowning of 27 asylum seekers in the Channel

On November 24th, 2021, at least 27 people died at sea trying to reach the UK. 27 people with hopes and dreams for the future. 27 people who simply wanted what we take for granted – safety.

No one should ever have to risk their life to find safety. But hostile policies mean most refugees have no choice but to take dangerous journeys to seek asylum in the UK. We see this every day with the torture survivors we support.

Priti Patel has today suggested that tougher measures will stop refugee deaths. But if her cruel anti-refugee Nationality & Borders Bill passes, it will only further entrench a system that chooses hostility over humanity. More people will die trying to find safety.

The British and French governments have shown that they can collaborate on building higher fences - but now we need to see them work together to protect human life at the border. The deaths need to stop and it’s not hostility that’ll do it. It’s compassion, dignity and a recognition of our shared humanity.

We need to urgently show MPs how many of us are willing to stand #TogetherWithRefugees. Invite your MP to a meeting and let them know you stand against this Government's anti-refugee bill.

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