Nada is scooting the Clyde for survivors of torture

A long-standing supporter from Glasgow, Nada has cerebral palsy and a chronic pain condition, but has vowed to scoot across the river Clyde to raise funds for survivors rebuilding their lives after torture.

As an eight-year-old girl, it was Glasgow which I saw first, just as my plane landed. Along with my parents, we arrived from Gaza in Glasgow airport, where we then crossed over the Kingston Bridge into Glasgow city and stayed in the Central Station Hotel.

My family’s plan was I would be educated and then return, but it is not really possible. Not being able to go back has been a big issue – having come over, I do find myself stranded. It has been very stressful. When bombardment happens, the worry is just horrendous for my family.

Our family home was completely destroyed in a bombardment. What I knew from childhood is no longer there. I’m lucky to have had this chance. I don’t know what my life would be like if I didn’t have it.

Coming from Gaza, I have been passionate about human rights for as long as I can remember and have dedicated much of my working life to helping asylum seekers and refugees, including survivors of torture and rape.

The work Freedom from Torture does is so important. I have witnessed how support and care can help these survivors gain self-respect and become stronger in order to rebuild their lives.

It lets the individuals regain who they are after having that completely wiped out. They have been shattered – they had to flee, they have been through abuse.

My mobility scooter is very important to me. While I can walk with crutches and use a manual wheelchair, they both place a strain on my arms which is very painful. I have an adapted car for longer journeys but the mobility scooter is great for shorter trips and for shopping. It gives me my freedom and means I can be part of my local community.

My Scootathon support team is vital. They will be providing a support vehicle, batteries, and pump. People will see me off and some will travel alongside me on scooters and roller skates for the first part of the journey. After all, solidarity is what this is all about.

I  never expected to raise my target of £1,000 but we have already reached  £1,700 and the amount continues to climb.

It has been truly magnificent receiving this support for my scoot. My superb scoot team and I are really just delighted, and I am overwhelmed by your wonderful support. The sum raised will be used to really offer service users the exact help they need to rebuild their shattered lives and regain their dignity once again.