Sinan's story

Sinan was tortured by the Iranian state authorities for taking part in a peaceful protest.

His interrogator severed his big toe with a pair of pliers, causing him to lose consciousness. He was also suspended by rope, beaten with a cable and told that he would die.

When he was released, Sinan knew he had to flee to protect his family. He boarded a lorry, and after 15 days he found himself in the UK.

The solicitor looking after his asylum claim immediately saw Sinan was under tremendous physical and emotional strain, and referred him to our services.

Over time we were able to help him deal with the harrowing memories of his trauma. We also documented his torture to support his asylum claim, helped him find an accommodation and made sure he had enough money to buy food.

Real voices

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Hamid was persecuted because of his ethnicity and had to flee to the UK, where we were able to help his asylum claim.
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