Freedom from Torture - Self-care and Vicarious Trauma Training

Self-care and Vicarious Trauma Training

Do you work with/support asylum seekers, refugees and/or survivors of torture in a health or social care setting in the UK?

This one-day training programme supports participants to learn about vicarous trauma - a potential impact of supporting people who have experienced serious trauma. Particpants will learn about what vicarious trauma is and risk factors as well as identify some strategies for looking after themselves and strategies that can be used in their teams and organisations.

Overall aim:

To provide participants with a greater base of knowledge and tools to deal with the risks of working with individuals who have experienced serious trauma, and/or materials related to this.

Learning objectives:

By the end of the training programme, participants will be able to:

  • Define vicarious trauma
  • Identify factors that put one at risk of experiencing vicarious trauma
  • Describe systemic influences and how these relate to the individual’s experience of vicarious trauma
  • Reflect upon personal levels of vicarious trauma
  • Identify physical, psychological and social aspects of vicarious trauma and specific approaches to deal with each aspect
  • Identify risk factors for vicarious trauma in the workplace and formulate specific actions to reduce risk

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