Creative groups

Across our centres, we offer creative and group activities to anyone who could benefit from more than just individual counselling.

From baking to playing football, from art to music or gardening, we know that creative activities can make a big difference to people dealing with the trauma of torture.

Exercise and learning something new can have excellent health benefits, such as improving someone’s quality of sleep.

The social element of group activities can improve self-esteem, provide opportunities to make new friends, help people improve their English and decrease the social isolation they feel. For people who have been forced to flee their home country and leave their friends and family behind, this can be a lifeline.

It’s only at the bread group where I can be completely myself and talk about my worries. It’s like taking a 60lb weight off my shoulders. Everyone listens, we talk about how we cope and we take advice from each other. They give me the strength to carry on.