Holiday hosting

The Holiday Scheme provides supporters with an opportunity to play a more active role in helping torture survivors to integrate into British society.

Most of the people we work with live in crowded asylum accommodations and have very little money. They often experience a deep sense of social isolation, and are simply not able to enjoy a break from the stress of life as an asylum seeker.

Life wasn't always like this. Before being tortured and forced to flee, many of them had a good standard of living in their home countries and enjoyed the company of their families.

Thanks to the kindness of our supporters who open their homes to them, people rebuilding their lives after torture can have the opportunity to enjoy some very welcome change of pace and scenery.

Since its inception in the early ‘90s, the Holiday Scheme has provided holidays for many hundreds of clients and their families, thanks to the hospitality of hosts from all over the UK.

Anthony and Stella were absolutely amazing in the way they treated me, they were like angels in disguise. I am beyond grateful to you and them for this holidays and hope to see them again. 

Faris, holiday scheme beneficiary

How the scheme works

Clients are matched to hosts according to interests, background and family size. Holiday coordinators provide host families with support and information about what to expect and how to plan activities for the stay.

Travel costs (including a limited amount of spending money) are met by Freedom from Torture. We also arrange the necessary DBS certificates for hosts and take references.

They are an amazing family who have a powerful story.  The house is bouncing from the shrieks of children. It is a real privilege to share my home with them. Perhaps the biggest gift I have given the children is the opportunity to learn to ride a bike.

Holiday host

If you have a special and welcoming home to offer and would like to be considered to host in the future, please contact Philippa Hislop to be added to the holiday host waiting list at

Thank you for organising this holiday, which has had a profound effect on a man who had lost all hope in people”.