Fundraise in your community

Pub Quiz

Host a classic pub quiz online! Invite family, friends and colleagues down to your local to participate with an entry fee donated to Freedom from Torture. Make sure to talk to pub staff about this and book an evening in advance - they may be able to share it amongst their regulars too!

Film screenings

If you have a small local cinema, reach out to see if you can screen a film. Often the proceeds of tickets can be split between you and the venue, and you are able to host an information stall outside the screen.  

Disco or Ceilidh 

Book out your local community/church hall and host a Disco or Ceilidh! Invite friends or family along to boogie the evening away for a good cause.

If you opt for a Ceilidh, you will need to locate a band who can talk participants through the steps.

Birthday fundraisers

If you have a birthday coming up, why not ask friends and family to make a donation on your behalf! 

Ebay old items

Having a spring clean out? Sell old items on ebay and donate the proceeds to Freedom from Torture.


Make use of items from around the house to make useful things with a craft-a-long. Or just have a get together with friends to craft together. Suggest a donation to take part. 


Host a competition. Whether it’s guess the buttons in a jar (after all the clearing out), make the best hat out of household items, create a photo diary for 7 days of your qua-routine, funniest/best diary wins. Entry fee donated to Freedom from Torture.