Cycle Against Torture 2019

From Hastings to Edinburgh

Be a part of our Edinburgh local supporter group's biggest event yet, a mass-participation Cycle Against Torture, from East Sussex to Edinburgh throughout July 2019.

Whether you are a keen and advanced cyclist or just want the opportunity to participate in an exciting event to raise money for survivors of torture, Cycle Against Torture welcomes everyone no matter what distance you wish to cover. This may mean just riding through your village, it is completely up to you!

It is a relay-style cycle ride, with different people making up different parts of the journey. The aim is to ride between 20 and 60 miles per day with rest days and activities in between. Warning- activities will involve lots of tea and lots of cake.

The objectives for this event are threefold:

1) raising awareness of the work of Freedom from Torture

2) connecting local support groups

3) raising much-needed funds for this work

For more information visit the Edinburgh Local Group website

If you don't fancy cycling yourself there's still plenty of ways to get involved. Cheering riders on with a nice cup of tea,  getting involved in rest days and Local Group activities happening along the route, or donating to the cause.

To help raise money for the event you can set up your own JustGiving page as a member of the team or donate to one of the existing members.


I’m delighted that my home patch of Sussex has been chosen as the starting point for this intrepid challenge and wish all the riders the very best of luck as they set off from Hastings. As an Olympic athlete I know that motivation is key to success, so hopefully riding for such a good cause will inspire them to keep pedalling!

Sally Gunnel OBE