Freedom from Torture - Music therapy

Music therapy

Freedom from Torture offers music-centred therapy to clients, which is rooted in the belief that anybody can engage in making music.

At Freedom from Torture, a music therapist builds a musical relationship to address a client's specific needs. Music therapy is not about gaining musical skills, nor about learning to play an instrument to performance standard. It's about developing skills like listening and responding, which can be transferred to other aspects of life. By improvising and composing, an individual can connect with their creativity. In directing the course of the music, they are taking control of their own development.

Through music, survivors can safely express violent emotions. They can play the drums, make a lot of noise, show their fury and still be safe. Likewise, they can express incredibly complex and subtle emotions. 

'Every torture survivor I see is dealing with huge loss –of home, of culture and of a sense of themselves.' Freedom from Torture music therapist Harmin Sijeric

The music we love, the music we remember, is fundamental to each of us, to who we are. By remembering music, torture survivors can reconnect to those they loved and to who they were before the trauma.